The Pursuit of Truth


Scripture (John 18:38 KJV)  Pilate saith unto him, What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again unto the Jews, and saith unto them, I find in him no fault at all.


It has been 30 years since I, as a 12-year-old child, walked to the altar and knelt upon my knees and accepted Jesus as true. In that space of time I have put that decision to many diverse tests. Today I stand knowing that as I came as a child to the Lord, I wondered onto the deepest truth of all mankind. It is my attempt in writing this to perhaps assist you in your own personal quest of the truth. I in no way desire to offend any ones convictions, rather I hope to give you encouragement in a loving and merciful God who sees the heart of us all and extends His Holy Spirit to us full of grace and truth.

            The tone of this week’s message might seem a little different to my faithful readers but I believe that God desires us to take a close look at the truth. What is the truth? Better yet, what is truth? It is actuality and genuiness, fact and freedom from errors, validity and correctness, substance and reality and so much more. I remember in my quest, how I studied the great philosophers; Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, Immanuel Kant and Descartes, St. Thomas Aquinas with all of that the only one statement that I could relate to as truth came from Socrates; “All I know, is I know nothing.” I reached out to the eastern religions. I studied the teachings of Buddha and The Teo. I was entertained by the writings of Carlos Castonadas and Richard Bach. I went deeper still into the Cabala, which is ancient Hebrew mysticism. Then onto the occult writings of Alsister Crowley and his work in magik. I did an in-depth study of psychology reading the works of Carl Jung and Fraud.  I even read some of L. Ron Hubbard’s ballyhoo. I thought I had found some answers in Thomas Harris’ Book I’m OK Your OK until I discovered that he later killed himself. That shot a big hole in that truth. No pun intended.

Searching, searching, searching for the truth only to discover many twisted trails of man’s imaginations. I knew that the truth could be found. I knew within my heart of hearts that it was the truth that would finally bring me real lasting peace.

            Some of you might ask me why. What difference does it make to your every day life? You still have to get up every morning and go to work. You still have to face the everyday trials. To me it makes all the difference. I think you will agree that the closer you get to the truth the more your mind, soul and spirit comes into peace. I am talking about a real deep down peace that passes all understanding. It reminds of the picture of the torrential storm with the waves crashing along the shoreline yet high in the cleft of the rock is a tiny bird nestled in its nest with its baby birds beneath her wings. In the midst of the storm there is peace when we discover the truth. There are no fears when you know the truth. Perfect loves casts out fear.

            I want us to set all denominations aside and concentrate on discovering the truth. The truth would first of all have to stand up to the test of time.  Truth will guide us lovingly into right living.  Truth will set us free from the uncertainty of eternity. It is when we come to discover that one ultimate truth, which is God, then we know we can rest in Him and find lasting peace.

            Look at the opposite for one second. That which is not true is a lie. There are many different lies. There is the simple fallacy, which could be a mistake of logic or reason. There is the out and out making of false statements. In much of these lies a little truth is counterfeited and then perverted. The lie that I want us to look at is the lie of omission. This is where you just leave out a little bit of the truth. This is where you just do not include the whole truth. In this way you can leave it up to the individual to complete the picture anyway their imagination leads them.

            The real problem with all this and the reason that the truth is so important is that truth encompasses our actions. Once you alter truth you alter your physical activity. And when you alter a spiritual truth then you alter not only this life but also your whole eternal existence. There is therefore a direct correlation between the spiritual and the physical worlds. What ever you do in the spiritual realm effects your physical life. The closer you come to the truth the more you are going to experience the benefits of that truth in your life.

            What it comes down to is this; you will become what you believe. If you are believing a lie then you are living a lie and wasting valuable time here on this earth. When Jesus taught us that familiar scripture found in John 3:16 which says that God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him will not parish but have everlasting life, He was giving us a glimpse into the truth. The word parish has such a deeper meaning then to die. It suggests more of a wasting of our time and efforts. God is love. If there was ever a statement that I have discovered to be true it is that one. God is love. And His will is that none should parish but all should come to the knowledge of the truth. Now, I am willing to suggest that everyone reading this, who has read any of the Bible, will agree that Jesus was a great man. If then a great man and a great teacher then what He said must be true. If it were not true then He would not be considered to be great at all but a lunatic. Jesus claimed to be the Son of God. He said that He is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by Him. Now before you start getting crazy on me lets not judge anyone’s eternal existence. It is not up to you and me to judge whether someone made it into heaven or not that is for someone who holds a lot more truth than any of us. The task before us while we inhabit this planet is to discover the revealed truth. Because in it is health, prosperity peace and joy unspeakable. I guess I what I want more than anything for all of you who read this is to find the comfort and peace that I have finally found in knowing the truth. Am I perfect? No way, not even close. But that is mostly because even though I know the truth I too often choose not to follow its instructions. Have you ever said to yourself, “I know I shouldn’t do this-but…” First of all you need to know that you just told yourself something then called yourself a name. Think about it. I have to thank Jack for that one.

            Let me close today with just a simple question. How much do you really believe what you believe? Can you trust the plank of faith that you are standing on? If you are having any doubts I want you to get in touch with me. If you know anyone who is searching for the truth let them read this then have them drop me an e-mail or a letter. I want to hear from you. Your assignment for this week is a simple one. I just want you to read the first chapter of the book of John. You will enjoy it and it just might open your eyes of understanding. I know that as we get a revelation of the Truth we will be given the capacity to encourage, educate, lift up and truly love one another. Thank you for your faithfulness and your prayers. Let me pray this prayer for you.

            Holy Lord God; I thank you for the one who reads this today and ask that you would reveal to them the truth that is in you. Lord God I pray that you bless them with a stronger faith. Give them by your Holy Spirit the gift of faith that they may go forward to be your witness in their homes, communities and throughout the entire world. As the truth is revealed to them let it become manifested into healing and prosperity and peace. Give each person who reads this today a special touch of your presence in his or her lives. I pray these things in the name, which is above all names, He, who in which, all authority in heaven and earth has been given. It is the name Jesus, who gives us life, shows us the way and delivers to us, the truth; Amen and Amen


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