Motherís Day Encouragement



            John 19:26, 27; When Jesus therefore saw his mother, and the disciple standing by, whom he loved, he saith unto his mother, Woman, behold thy son!

27. Then saith he to the disciple, Behold thy mother! And from that hour that disciple took her unto his own home. (KJV)


            Happy Motherís day. Realizing that many of my readers are not mothers this message is for all of us. Motherís Day is not just for mothers. Nor is it just for people who would want to honor their mother. Motherís Day represents more than that. Motherís Day symbolizes that which is good and wholesome in our country. It gives us a shining example of the sanctity of the family. It is as American as the Fourth of July and even more so because it has truly been the motherís that gave birth to this and every nation. I heard this week some talk about an organization that wants to do away with Motherís Day because it excludes woman that can not have children and professional woman that do not want to have children and gay men who would like to be mothers too and lesbians that never liked their mothers in the first place and it hurts people who have had abusive mothers and on and on blah, blah, blahÖ


            Today I want to celebrate my mother. I want to celebrate your mother and I want to celebrate all you woman who are mothers. Are you perfect? Well, youíre close! Letís face it there was only one person that embodies perfection and that was Jesus. So letís do what Jesus did and honor our mothers. Even while He was upon the cross He made provision for His mom. I know that many religions have taken the role of Mary to an extreme. I am not here to argue religion. I am here to give encouragement from the word of God and today to lift up our mothers.

            Some of you may not have had the best mother in the world. Well then this message is also for you. Infact it may be just what you need to get over your resentments and go forward. Some of your mothers have died. Some of your mothers may be very ill. Somebody reading this today has not spoken to his or her mother is a very long time. Well it is time to reestablish that bond. We need to go forward. We need to put everything that is tying us up in knots inside upon that cross and rise above it. Before we go any further, letís pray;


            Holy Father; Jehovah God; El Shaddai, Adonai; Your name itself is all power and wisdom and glory. I come to you today humbly by the authority that is in Christ Jesus. Father today I ask for nothing more than your presence. Be with me today Lord God. Send your Holy Spirit to fill me with more of you. As we read these words manifest yourself to and through us. Forgive the one who writes and us that read, Let us see and be Jesus. For it is in His name that we pray; Amen.

              The first commandment with a promise attached to it is the fifth commandment that reads; Honor your Mother and Father like God told you to, so that you may live a long and good life in the land that God gives to you. (Deuteronomy 5: 16 Pastor Bob Paraphrase)    

            I really believe that there are two ways to motivate people. You can either threaten them or you can entice them. I prefer to be enticed. Now I know that the beginning of wisdom is fear of the Lord and I discovered at a very early age that the beginning of wisdom was the fear of my Momma. Do not get me wrong I love my Mother with all my heart but any of you that know her know that she did not put up with any thing she didnít have too. The fact is she taught me how to be a gentleman. That was not an easy chore. Mom I love you so if I talk about you today I know you will forgive meÖ J

              There is nothing like hearing my Mother say that she is proud of me. In fact ďThe Encouraging WordĒ is because of her. She works as a home health aid and does not get the opportunity to go to church on Sunday so I started sending Church to her. She started forwarding it on to others and it is still growing.

            Let me get to my point so that I can go on with my rambling about my Mom. It is real simple. Honor your Mother and Father and your life will improve. I do not care if they were bad parents. I do not even care if they put you up for adoption; they still gave you life. And to be specific it wasnít they, it as she. It was your Mom. She went through the nine months of pregnancy. She went through the labor. She had gallons of hormones rushing through her body. She was being stretched all out of proportion in order for you to have the gift of life. Honor: Letís look at what that means. First weíll get technical and look up the original Hebrew word translated as honor; ďkabadĒ what an interesting word. It means both to be burdened by and to glorify. So if we were to put that into the context of the commandment it would read like this: Even though your Mother might be a pain, lift her up, help her out and show the world that this woman is your mother. Do this and great things will come your way. Now lets just look at some contemporary synonyms of honor: Respect, reverence, adore, esteem, admire. This is how we should honor our mothers today. But why?

            Now I do not want to get overly metaphysical or theological but it is important for us to know that when God gives us a command he does not do it just for the commands sake. What God is revealing to us in His commandments is Himself. It is within the character of God. As we look at his commandments we need to look past the precept and into the eyes of the creator. God is revealing to us that He is caring, He is respectful, He is adorable, He is admirable, and He is both our heavenly Father and our heavenly mother. The first name given for God in the Hebrew we find in Genesis 1:1 ĎIn the beginning God (Elohim)Ē is both a plural form and both masculine and feminism. Letís not get too hung up on that but rather know that God who commands us to honor our mothers is honorable.

            So then what I am saying is that you honor God when you honor your mother. So that might be easy for some that have great Moms and God will bless you for it. But for those of you who did not have the greatest Moms in the world, when you obey God and honor your Mom God will pour out the blessings upon you like you never knew possible. So I challenge you this Motherís Day to do whatís right and Honor your Mom.

            Now for a poem: You knew it had to be coming. This is one that my daughter Rachel wrote to her mother this Motherís Day. (You might keep Debbie in your prayers, she has been pretty sick lately)




            Oh so cool

            Top of the line








                                                Rachel Dort


So this is to all the Mothers today. May God richly bless you all. May He make His face to shine upon you and may you have the desires of your hearts. Mom, I love you and can not thank you enough for bringing me into this world. Now if there is anyone reading this today that would like to experience true unconditional love from God. If there is any one who has never accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior then I invite you right now to just say ďYesĒ to Jesus. He has been knocking at your heart for a long time now. It is up to you to let him in. He wants to wash away all your sorrow. He will reconcile you with the Father and He will fill you with the true Spirit of Life eternal. If there is one thing that my mother taught me it was this very truth; God loves you. He loves you so much that He paid it all so that you can live an abundant life free from all the pain and confusion. Turn it over to him now and rejoice in the knowledge that you are a child of God.


            To all the mothers reading this; You are the best. Keep praying for your children, we need it. Infact lets pray again right now:


            God you are so wonderful. You are able to bring into existence that which does not exist. Where there is no peace you bring peace. Where there is no hope you bring hope. Where there is no joy you bring it in abundance. Father thank you for your forgiveness. We lift our loved ones before your throne. Your know each and every one of them. You know every hair upon their heads. Lord keep them safe. Heal the ones that are sick. Bring back the ones that are lost, strengthen those that are weak. You are able Lord. Now Father we ask for your blessings. We know that you are a rewarder of those that seek you and we do seek your face dear Lord. We seek your wisdom. We seek your knowledge. We seek your Love. Bless us we pray in Jesus name. Amen. Amen And AmenÖ