Let the River flow

Scripture: (Isaiah 43:18-21 KJV) Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. The beast of the field shall honour me, the dragons and the owls: because I give waters in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert, to give drink to my people, my chosen. This people have I formed for myself; they shall show forth my praise.

The mighty river of water begins to form as the winter snows melt from the mountain top. The River picks up force and speed as it empties into the lake being held back by the dam. Slowly at first a small crack forms in the dam as the waters build up behind it. The crack spreads and what started as a trickle bursts through with the power of a thousand bombs. As you stand on the desert plane looking at the waist land in front of you, the waters of the Holy Spirit begin to trickle from your heart. From the broken heart of His child His Spirit flows into the desert places and without even noticing it the desert begins to bloom.  

What once may have seemed a garden that has turned to sand can be given new life and be born again when we allow the Holy Spirit to flow from our stopped up hearts. Yes the dams were built brick by brick when the river was low. The coldness of our hearts left the waters piled high upon the mountain tops as we tried to contain what flow we could for our own pleasure and enjoyment. Yet as we did we dried up the valley below. Now what was once a fertile plane supplying our every need has turned to desert and we look hopelessly out into the future building ever faster the walls of the dam that hold back the blessings. Oh, but we need the dam or we will loose what little water we have, we say even believing it to be true. 

We have been told our whole lives that we need to make a plan and work it. Corporations spend billions on research and development and form think tanks and write elaborate business plans, looking ahead for a prosperous and profitable future. But how much time do we spend on really looking at the long, long term plan. We may have a six month plan and a one year plan. We may have our short term goals and the long term ones, but what about on a deeper level and how much does that spiritual level really affect our daily lives anyway? There is a direct correlation between our spiritual growth and our physical development. The problem occurs when we do not see the long range effects caused by our short term pleasures. Like the building of that dam to save up the water ends up drying up the land below it, we can end up cutting off our nose to spite our face. (What does that mean?) 

We are taught to be independent and to make it on our own. We look at people and say now there is someone who has made it. We look at the trimmings of a person and see how they may have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and made something of themselves. Yet even the most successful people in the world can not find satisfaction solely in their efforts. You may have heard what Rockefeller said when asked how much money was enough. He replied, just one more dollar, then just one more, then just one more.....   Not that there is anything wrong with financial success, the point I am trying to make is that all the financial success in the world will not fulfill that long term goal of an eternal, abundant life. What we end up doing is building a dam to hold in the water, then we wonder why the world is so dry. 

Let me try to put this in perspective. God is ready to do a mighty work in your life. The rivers of change have been churning for some time now. Many of us have been struggling just to keep it together. What you may not have realized is that the very thing that you have been fighting against is the breakthrough you have been waiting for. Know this, that with every breakthrough something must be first broken down. We have built up strongholds in our lives for protection that no longer protect us but now cause us more pain then support. It is time to let the river flow.

There are two people that I am speaking to today. One has never experienced even the beginnings of regeneration. The other has become stagnate in it. Ok, I almost forgot you; you are ready and waiting for the wave. I like to think of the move of God as a wave. I have never really surfed a wave but I will bet you that somewhere in the world there is always a good wave that can be found to ride. I remember watching a program about a group of people who travel around the world looking for that perfect wave. It takes me back to the first chapter of Genesis where we read in the second verse how the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. His spirit has not stopped moving over the waters of our souls. It is time that we listened to His voice and hear Him say Let There Be Light.

It is time that we opened our spiritual eyes to the barrenness around us. It is time that we recognized the need for a new thing. It is time that we asked for and received the new birth in Christ Jesus. What does it mean to be born again? It means to turn your life over to the God who created you and let Him live through you. We are all sinners and fall way short of the glory of God. The judgment that should fall down upon us all is death. But God loves you. He really does. He loves you. He loves you so much that He made a way where there wasn't a way. He loves you so much that He paid the price Himself for your sins. You see, only God can forgive sins. So only God could take your place in that terminal judgment, and He did just that upon the cross. But death and the grave could not hold Him and now He lives forever more. Right now He is knocking on the door of your heart. All you have to do to receive forgiveness and a completely new life is to let Him in. 2nd Corinthians 5:17 tells us how anyone who accepts Jesus as their LORD and savior is a new creation. All the old things are passed away and everything has become new. You can be born again today by simply saying yes to Jesus.

That is when the river of life springs up unto eternal life. I like the way John puts it in the 7th chapter, 38th verse; who ever believes in me (Jesus) as the scriptures have said, out of his belly will flow rivers of living water. Now it is time that we tore down those strongholds that both we have built up ourselves, as well as the ones that have been formed against our will. The ones we built ourselves we may have created with good intentions. Some of us have been really hurt in the past and we needed them at the time just to get through the day. But it is a new day and the old things are passed away. No matter how hard it may be to let those walls down, trust in the one who is within you to be your strength. And as for those barriers built up by the enemy to keep us from our inherited rights as children of the King of Kings, those walls are coming down with the rushing waters of His Spirit moving through us. Let's quickly get back to the 43rd chapter of Isaiah and go after our breakthrough. 

In the beginning verses of this chapter we discover God's rich plan for our lives. Isaiah 43:2 tells us to not be afraid for God has redeemed us, He has personally called you by name for you are His child. Further down in verse 10 then again in verse 12 we read how we are His witness. In order for us to be a witness we must first experience that which we are witness of first hand. Oh, we may have heard about how God parted the Red Sea and how Daniel was in the lions den and how Jesus was raised from the dead but until we have that upper room experience it is all hear say. Just before Jesus ascended into heaven He told His disciples, as He is telling us today, how we will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us. Power to be His witness, in our local communities, throughout our outer reaches and even unto the ends of the earth. You can find that for yourself in the Book of Acts chapter 1 verse 8. But right now lets stay in the book of Isaiah and open up those flood gates  of the Holy Spirit.

OK, now you are born again and completely forgiven of all your sins. If we could only get a true grasp of that amazing grace nothing would hold us back from true revival. We continue reading in Isaiah 43 now in the 25th verse. The LORD says I, even I am the one who blots out your transgressions for my names sake and I will remember your sins no more. 

God has already won the victory for us. He has defeated even the last enemy which is death itself, yet we find ourselves still looking at the past and not seeing the brightness of His coming. Let's read on into chapter 44. Verse 2 through 4 tells us how the LORD will give you abundant water to quench your thirst and to moisten your parched fields. He goes on to tell us that He will Pour out His Holy Spirit and blessings upon our children. They will thrive like watered grass, like willows on a river bank.

What is it that has been holding back that flow of the Spirit? Is there anything that is stopping you from catching that wave? For some, there is a fear of a new thing. You may have grown comfortable in your prison cell of complacency. You know deep inside your heart that you have been called to more. You can feel the call upon your heart even now. Trust in the LORD and jump into the waters. Let the Holy Spirit have His way with you. Call upon Him and ask that He baptize you with the fire. This is not some emotional appeal. This is not hype. This is real revival and true freedom. It is time to break down every stronghold.  

(2 Corinthians 10:4 KJV) (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)   

The Son shining upon the mountain tops of our imaginations melts away our cold and stony heart. Out of it, flows our spirit, renewed in the waters of life. Fresh, freely flowing, the spirit reaches past the barriers of the flesh and overflows into the soul. Breaking down the walls and overcoming the fear, we are poured out upon the land, giving life as we fulfill our calling and enter into the sea. True peace, lasting joy and eternal love flow from the Father who loves you and has available for you a new beginning, a breakthrough, and a freedom like you have never before experienced. 

 (Revelation 22:1 KJV) And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.

It is time to let the river flow.