Give Peace A Chance


 Scripture (Romans 15:13 NIV) May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.



            Before we begin please join me in prayer.


Heavenly Father we come before your throne today in the name of Jesus and ask for your Holy Spirit to be present with us. Forgive me of all my failures and shortcomings and give me the power to do and be all that you have called me to be. I want to thank you Lord for your faithfulness. Even when we do not realize it you are faithfully looking out for our best interests. Your mercies are new every morning and your grace eternally gives us hope in a bright and wonderful future as we walk in your peace. Thank you Jesus for being closer than any friend is. You give us security in the midst of turmoil. You give us joy in times of hardship and you give us the Father’s love unconditionally. Lord there is a lot of people that we all are praying for today. Friends and relatives that need a touch from you. We lift them up to you now believing that you are doing a mighty thing in their lives even right now. Lord there are many who are having financial problems today. You have always and will continue to be the God that provides for are every need so Lord I pray for a miracle in your peoples financial lives that they may know that it is you and that they may also in turn be able to be a blessing to others in your name. Now Lord I pray that you bless your word today, that it does not come back void but it causes all who read it to be drawn closer to you and that their daily lives become that much more enriched because of you in them. As always forgive the one who teaches that we may see Jesus and Him only. For it is in His wonderful name we pray; Amen.


    I want to share a little of my heart with you today. I know that many people that are receiving these messages do not know the writer of them. First I would say that I am simply another man alive in this world searching for the truth and a better way of life. I have made a lot of mistakes in my youth and the consequences of those mistakes have been severe. But God is good. He has restored my life and given me peace like never before. I remember when I was 14 years old. My older brother had just died and everything in our family was in havoc. I searched so hard for peace in that time. I knew then that it was peace of mind that every one was searching for whether they knew it or not. I tried everything from transcendental meditation. You know that’s where you sit with you legs crossed doing some deep breathing until you just about hyperventilate and you chant your mantra; “OHMMMMMM MADDDA MAAADDA MADDDA OHMMMM.” Yah that really did it for me. NOT! Then I tried drugs and alcohol. What a huge hole of despair that dug for me. I tried just about every religion known to man. I studied Judaism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Taoism, American Indian Lore, I was Russian Orthodox, Baptist, Pentecostal, and Only God knows what all else I got involved in trying to find peace that really only comes from Him. You see, religion is great but like Billy Graham once said religion is like a vaccine. It gives you as little bit of the real thing so that you do not get the real thing.

            Now I do have peace and hope and I know that I am on the right path. That is why I write these messages. I do not claim to be some spiritual giant. On the contrary I am a sinner in need of a savior. Without God’s divine guidance and love I would be so lost today. It would be easy to go after the fleeting pleasures of this world. Perhaps some of you have come to the realization of that. The “world” tells us that money will bring us peace. It tells us that being popular will fill that void in our lives. It says that success in business will provide all the security we will need. It tells us that the best way to bring about peace is to destroy your enemies. I look at the conflict in the Middle East and can not help but be reminded of the Anime cartoon “Gundum Wing.” I am sure that not many of you have watched this series. It is real violent. The interesting thing is that all this fighting and violence and blood shed is done in the name of and in the attempt to bring about total pacifism. Violence brings violence and true peace will not be yours through revenge.

            One of the biggest problems that I see today and is also true in my live is that we need to have a renewed hope. We need to have a renewed hope in our government. We live in the greatest country on God’s green planet and we need to know that there is great hope for our children and our children’s children for generations to come. We need to have renewed hope in mankind as a whole. We hear so much in the media about the violence and depravation yet where is the news about the great work that men and woman are doing everyday. In The 139th Psalm it talks about how we are fearfully and wonderfully made. We have within us the ability to be the worst tyrant in the world or we can be the next Mother Theresa. When the Bible says that many are called but few are chosen I believe it is better said that all are called but few choose to follow. God’s desire is to bless all of us. He has the abundance where by the entire world can live in peace and prosperity. But too often we choose to try things our way and then we wonder why we have no peace even in our prosperity.

            But there is hope. There is true peace. There is real joy and absolute power when we trust in God. The Bible tells us to “trust in the Lord with all are hearts and lean not upon our own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all things and He will guide our paths.” Sometimes God’s ways seem like an upside-down kingdom. Love your enemies, Don’t resist evil, give and it will be given, turn the other cheek, do good to those who despise you, and on and on. It is not the way we would do things. We would kill our enemies. We would withstand any evil that would come upon us. We think the way to prosperity is conquer our competitors and walk over the backs of others. Rather than turning the other cheek  we strike back. And if someone despises us we just won’t have anything to do with them. What comes around goes around. God wants us to stop doing things the world’s way and try them His way. Just try it and see if that peace which is so rich does not permeate your very soul. One thing I have learned is that God does have all these blessings available for us but they are conditional. If you do this God will do that. For example. Just because finances are so much a part of our lives. If you want to be financially blessed God has great abundance available for you. But He says first you give of the little that you now have. Then when you give He will multiply. This is so hard for us to get a hold of but think of it this way. God wants to be, and deserves to be first in every area of our lives. He knows that we have need of money but He wants you to know that it is Him that provides for your every need. So as you give of your wealth He will continue to pour into you His wealth.

            Ok enough about money how about happiness. I can not believe the miserable people today. There is more road rage then ever. People at work are way uptight and even old friends have drifted away. It is time that we made the decision to turn back to Jesus. He is the founder and finisher of our faith. He is the Prince of peace. He is our Joy and real live giver. Do you lack hope? Then put your trust in Him. Are you weighed down with heavy burdens? Then don’t just lean on Him but rest entirely in His arms. Is depression overtaking you again then overtake depression by renewing your mind with the hope of the power of the Holy Spirit.

            This passage of scripture from the book of Romans is one that you can meditate on. Go over it again and again until it becomes imbedded within you subconscious mind. Let the word of God become the deciding factor of your emotional life. You see your thoughts control your emotions so you need to control your thoughts. One of the best books on this subject is Dr. Norman Vincent Peals “The Power Of Positive Thinking.” There is power in your thoughts and they become life and death as you speak them. Fill you mind with the truth of God’s love for you and tell yourself the truth that you are filled with His presence then start living like it. You choose today to be blessed. You choose today to be forgiven and forgive your self. You choose today to walk in peace and prosperity. You choose today to turn your entire life over to the care and guidance of the one who created you. The blessings are all available to you ,now it is up to you. The first step is to accept them. Accept the truth that you are a sinner in need of a savior. Accept the truth that Jesus Christ paid the price for your sin on Calvary’s cross. Accept the truth that God raised Him from the grave so He can bring us all out from under the shadow of death and lead us into eternal abundant life in Him. Accept the truth that is in His word and as we daily learn more of how to live according to His perfect plan our lives become enriched beyond our wildest dreams. So true peace begins within us. The struggle within our hearts and minds must first be won before we can even see the universal victories. So right now lets rest in His peace. Let’s give up all of our fears, all of our desires, all of our sufferings and pain. Right now we turn over the workings of our hearts and our minds to Jesus. We invite the Holy Spirit of God to enter in and bring us peace.


            Heavenly Father you know the areas in my life that are at unrest. You know the things in my life that are ill at ease. The things that I have been holding unto myself I turn them over to you right now and trust you to guide me in the resolution of all my troubles. Jesus come into my life like never before. Fill up the empty places and clean out the dark recesses of my mind. Remove all the negative images and replace them with your truth of love and forgiveness and joy unspeakable and full of glory. In the place of despair fill me with hope. Give me the knowledge of your power to make even that which seems impossible possible. I rest in your arms and praise you for being My God and savior. You are truly the one and only God of all creation and I accept your blessings of hope, peace and prosperity in my heart, mind and soul. Make a difference in us and through us all this week in Jesus name Amen!!!!



            I want to thank you all for your continued support and prayers. I also want to say a special hello to Nathan; Thanks for giving me your new e-mail address. What is Matthews? I love you all. I also want to thank Rachel for sharing the Gundum Wing stories with me. You are too cool. God bless all of you. Please keep in touch and My Prayer for you is God’s richest blessings in all area of you life. Thanks for everything. God Bless;


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