Get Thee Up!



Scripture: Joshua 7:10 “And the Lord said unto Joshua, get thee up; wherefore liest thou thus upon thy face.”


            Joshua was crying out to God with all his heart. He was doing what he knew was the right thing to do. Taking our problems, no matter how big or how small to God is always the right thing to do. It is also the first thing we should do. God answers prayer. We read in Jeremiah 33:3 “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.”

            We have all gone through tough times of defeat. We have all at one time in our lives come to the place where there was no place else to turn but to God. Some of us are at that point even now. Some of us, it may seem that we have been at that point for a very long time. Listen today to what the Lord says to Joshua and hear what He is also saying to us.

            The Lord (Jehovah) said to Joshua; “Get Thee Up!” Joshua and the elders had been on their faces in prayer since the defeat at Ai. They were calling out to God with everything they had in them. It says that Joshua tore his clothes and they all put dust upon their heads. Ashes to ashes dust to dust. Joshua cried out Why oh Lord, “wherefore hast thou at all brought this people over the Jordan, to deliver us into the hand of the Amorites to destroy us.”

            God answers with the same “Wherefore.” This word in the original Hebrew is “mah.” It is prime participial interrogative word. Its figure of speech is erotesis. It is a word used for reproach. A type of rhetorical question. It is not just a simple “why.” Rather it is more like “what’s up with this!”

            Interestingly we find this same word in Exodus. The Israelites were complaining. (Imagine that) They were afraid. They had their backs up against the Red Sea and the Egyptian Army was hot on their trail. They did not completely trust God and they considering turning back to once again return unto bondage to the Egyptians. That is were we read in Exodus 14:13 Moses saying to the people “Fear not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord.” Now continue down to verse 15 and listen to what the Lord says to Moses. “Wherefore criest thou unto me?” Again God says, "What’s up with this, Moses your job is to tell these people to go forward.”

            Get thee up! Go forward! Do what God has called you to do. Be the men and woman that God has called you to be. Yes by all means pray. And pray hard. But then get thee up and go forward. God uses men and woman, children animals and even nature itself to bring forth His glory and to work out all things for the good. He has an eternity of accomplishments for us to undertake.

            From the beginning He used Adam to name the animals. He used Noah to start anew. He used Abraham to bring forth a nation. He used Joseph to preserve His people. He used Moses to free His People. He used David to conquer a giant. He used Gidion; He used ester for such a time as this. And He wants to use you. He wants you to Get thee up and god forward. He wants to put a new song in your heart and upon your lips so that the world will know that there is a better way.

The phrase “a new song” is found 7 times in the Old Testament. In every case the purpose of this new song is so that others will hear it and believe the wonders of God. God loves and inhabits the Praises of His people. He loves the worship on Sunday mornings. But He is looking for you to bear fruit the whole week.

In the passage of scripture we were looking at in Joshua, it was sin that kept the Israelites from their victory. In some of our lives it is sin that is keeping us from the victory that God has for us. In Exodus, at the Red Sea, it was fear and doubt that was keeping the people from going forward. It is often the same fear and doubt that turns us back to our old ways. And sometimes, if we are not careful, we do not even recognize how far back we have slidden. That is why we read in the 2nd chapter of Revelation that God spoke so harshly to the church at Ephesus. Let me give you that passage in the New Living Translation.

Look how far you have fallen from your first love. Turn back to me again and work as you did at first. If you don’t I will come and remove your lampstand from its place among the churches.” “Turn back to me again and work as you did at first.”

Today is Father’s Day. We set aside this day to honor the men in our lives who gave of themselves for their children. I believe there are two types of fathers. Those who want to be good fathers, and those who are good fathers. I am sure that even the worst deadbeat dad in the world deep inside wants to be a good father. The difference is in the doing. Zig Ziggler told this story on Focus On The Family this past week and I just want to share it with you.

In a small town in the hills of Tennessee there was a young boy named Ben. The interesting thing about small towns is that every one in the town knows everything about everyone. I know this from growing up in a small town myself. Everyone knows who you are. They know how much money your parent make or don’t make. They know how many brothers and sisters you have and everything every one of them ever did both good and bad. They know how much you drink or not. They know if you go to church or not they know you. Every one in that small Tennessee town knew everything about little Ben too. That is everything except which his father was. You see Ben was born out of wed lock and know one was sure who his father was. Even his mother wasn’t sure. In that day and age being an illegitimate child was about the worse thing that could happen to a person. Ben grew up with this stigma. You know how kids can be cruel? Well they were ten times as cruel to Ben. When he was about six years old he would sit in his classroom at school and while the rest of the children would go out for recess to play Ben would stay at his desk and study. He would rather do that then face the teasing and ridicule from the other kids.

            It was about that time that a new young preacher came to that small Tennessee town. Everyone spoke so highly of that young preacher. They would say how when he talked to you he would give you 100% of his attention. He would really make you feel important. It was that curiosity that caused Ben to go to church one day and see for himself this new young preacher. But Ben did not want to draw any attention to himself so he walked into the church late and sat at back. He liked how the preacher talked and enjoyed what he said but in order to keep from being noticed by anyone he left before the service was over. Benny enjoyed the preacher so much that he would go back week after week. Always coming in late, sitting in the back and leaving early.

            One Sunday Ben was in church when the message that that young preacher was giving seemed to be pointed right at Ben. There was such an anointing on the word that Ben knew that the preacher was talking right to him. He was talking about how much God loved him and had a plan for his life. Ben got so wrapped up with the message that he did not notice that people had come in and sat behind him. He did not notice that the service was even ending and by the time he got up to leave he could not run out, as he was use to. The isles were full of people. So as Benny slowly made his way to the exit he suddenly felt a heavy hand upon his shoulder and he turned around to look right in the eyes of that preacher. Just then the preacher in a loud voice spoke to Ben;

            “Young man, whose boy are you.”

 With that question there came a silence over the church. Everyone wanted to know the answer to that very question. Just as Benny was about to shrug his shoulders the preacher began to smile a big friendly smile and he again spoke in an even louder voice so that every one could hear;

“I know. Of Course, the family resemblance is so clear. Why you are God’s child.” With that the young preacher gave Ben a pat on the backside and told him to go on and make his father proud. It was that moment that Ben Hooper looks back on and says that that was the day he was elected governor of Tennessee. And re elected governor. Ben Hooper was no longer an orphan boy of illegitimate birth. Ben Hooper was the son of the living God.

Zig Ziggler went on to tell how he himself was 45 years old, broke and without any hope when he discovered his heavenly Father. By living the principles that God laid out for him in His word Zig became the most notable motivational speaker in the country.      

I was 33 living in a tent. I had lost my family. My two sons. My job, my wife I had lost all hope. Then I found Him. My heavenly Father opened his everlasting arms and picked me up. He told me that He loved me and could deliver me out of the bondage of alcohol and drugs. He told me that He would restore what the canker worm had eaten. He told me that He had a perfect plan for my life. He told me that I had purpose and that there was Hope. Eternal abundant hope in the future. With that knowledge I gained power for the day.

It Is when we here from God and get up and go forward with a new song in our hearts that we are given the strength to do the work that we have been called to do. Ben Hooper wanted to make his heavenly Father proud of him. He got up and made a difference. Sometimes it takes God Himself to speak to us and say Get Thee up. Sometimes it just takes a slight change of perspective to what God is trying to tell us in His word. Sometimes we just need to Get up and get going.

So we know how things turned out for Joshua. He got up and uncovered the sin and destroyed it, which then allowed them to go unto victory. At the Red Sea Moses Got up and stretched forth his staff and led the people across on dry land. In the book of Revelation, ultimate, eternal victory is ours.

Now for what ever it is that you are struggling with God has the answer for you. You made the right decision by coming to Him. You were right and are right to continue to pray. Now listen for your answer. Get thee up. Uncover and destroy any and all sin in your life and go on to victory. Stop being afraid of the past. Don’t doubt God. Stretch forth your staff of faith and step out onto dry ground going forward to victory. Get thee Up! Get Thee Up! Get thee Up and know that your heavenly Father is with you always. Go forward and make Him proud.