Does God Care Who Wins The Super Bowl?


Before we look at our scripture verse this morning I want to explain how God led me to this topic. It was not the topic that I had planned on writing about. In fact it is about the furthest thing from the topic I was planning for two weeks now. But you know how sometimes when something just hits you like a ton of bricks, that you get a hint that maybe, just maybe God is trying to tell you something? I had one of those epiphany moments today.


We all know that the Super Bowl is being played today and both of the coaches are good Christian men. We all really know how much of a good man Tony Dungy is, and if it was up to some of us we would say that he deserves to win the biggest game of the year. But is it really about who the nicest guy is, or who has the most Christians on their team? Do you think that God cares who wins this game, and if so, do you think that God intervenes so that His favorite team comes out on top?


I am going to let you answer that question for yourself. What I am going to do is to go into the unfailable word of God to see, not who is going to win the Super Bowl, but how, I can make sure that I am on His winning team.


Growing up, I was always the smallest, skinniest, most uncoordinated kid on the block. You know, the one who always gets picked last to be on a team, and then that team was assured to lose. I remember once trying to make a simple lay-up shot on the basketball court. The coach made me keep trying and trying, and no one else could do anything until I made the shot. I am not sure but I think the whole gym period went by and I still had not made the shot. Was that because of me not having Godís favor, or was I just not at all athletic. OrÖ. Was it simply my belief that I was not athletic and didnít think I had Godís favorÖ HummmmÖ.?????


I look at someone like Gideon, who considered himself to be one of the smallest people amongst the smallest family. Now that is encouraging. When God takes a nobody and makes them more then a somebody. When God shines through someone, they shine. When you glorify God, you reflect in His glory! You Shine!!!!


Letís go back to this story in Judges and look at how God can turn your life around.


To set the stage for you the Israelites had once again fallen on hard times. And, yes they brought them upon them selves. They are not unlike you and I. We start out on fire, and run a good race, then something catches the corner of our eye or something gets thrown in our path and the next thing you know, we are sitting down and going after something entirely different then we set out for. God allowed the Midianites to impoverish the children of Israel. Finally, the Children of God once again called out to Him.


You may have heard the expression that necessity is the mother of invention; well, often necessity is becomes the wake up call to Godís people. And I believe that this nation needs a wake up call. I believe it is time that we started seeing the downward direction that we are going, and turn this ship around before we fall off the end of the earth. And donít tell me that Iím shouting ďwolf,Ē or crying ďthe sky is falling.Ē We need revival in our families. We need reformation in our churches. We need renewal in our economy. We need  restitution in our government. We need the re-establishment of moral uprightness. We need to stop calling that which is evil good, and that which is good evil. We need a great awakening. And you know, I am willing to let it start with me. How about You?


When we are ready, God is there.


When Gideon was ready, God was there. Even though Gideon was frightened, hiding behind a wine press, threshing out what little wheat he could gather. The preincarnate Christ comes to him and calls that which isnít, as if it is:


(Judges 6:12 KJV)  And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him, and said unto him, The LORD is with thee, thou mighty man of valour.


Gideon needed a mighty man of war to help him and his people out of the trouble they were in. I donít think he ever intended to be that mighty man of valour.


How about you? What is it that you are in need of? Do you need someone to help you with your finances? Maybe you need someone to fix your marriage, or other dysfunctional relationships? Maybe you need a doctor to help you get your physical body back in shape? Maybe you need someone to help you with your school work or on the job, or with your car, or wellÖ you name it. Maybe God is telling you right now that He is with you and you are that mighty person of valour.


I know, I know, you donít know anything about cars or money or healing, or what ever it is that you are in need of. If you did then you would not be needing help in the first place. But now, God is telling you that He is with you. You have everything you need within you to succeed. You have the seeds of greatness within you. You have the ability to move mountains. Only believe. Only Believe!


We have talked about how Gideon rose up and with only three hundred men defeated an army of multitudes without number.:


(Judges 7:12 KJV)  And the Midianites and the Amalekites and all the children of the east lay along in the valley like grasshoppers for multitude; and their camels were without number, as the sand by the sea side for multitude.


God knows the great trials that you face. He sees the army encamped against you. He knows the mountain of troubles that are ahead of you. But He is bigger then those mountains. He is stronger then all your enemies. He is greater than every trial. Now it is time for you to know, that the Battle is the LORDís and only, ONLY, by trusting in Him completely, will the victory be yours.


(Proverbs 3:5 & 6 KJV)  Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.


You know, I donít know who is going to win that game tomorrow, but I find it humorous how both coaches were fired from a team that they were on together. They were fired and now both of them have their new teams in the biggest game in the world.


Do you think God cares who wins? Do you think God cares who is there? Do you think God had anything to do with either of those teams getting there?


I was thinking, how Tony Dungy really deserves to win the Game. But what if some little old lady in Chicago is on her death bed, saying a breathless prayer to God to let her Bears win this one game before she dies?


OK, Iíll tell you the thing that set me off on this was a stupid radio announcer saying how sick and tired he was of athletes thanking God after winning a game. He then went on to say that God did not care who wins any game, it is all up to the skill and athletics of the players.


You know, I am glad that that is not true because if it was then there is no way that Gideon could have defeated his enemies. I know what you are saying, there is a big difference between a game and a war. True, but if God is not in the small stuff as much as he is in the big stuff, then too often, we would not be able to trust him with the big stuff. Kind of the way that Gideon had to make sure it was God by putting out that fleece.


Remember first he put out a fleece at night and said that if it was wet with dew and everything else dry he would believe? It happened just that way, so he tried again. The second time he put the fleece out and said that if everything else was wet and it was dry he would believe. It was and he finally believed.


We are so funny. Even after God passes all of our silly tests that we put upon him we still wonít trust him. And donít sit there and tell me that you do. If you did then you would be really tithing. If you did then you would not be worrying all the time. If you did you wouldnít have the need that he is now going to fill in you.


The thing is, I still donít know who is going to win the Super Bowl. I still donít know who is going to win the lotto. I still donít know what tomorrow will bring, but I do know this; God does! And because God knows I can trust him to lead me through the fire and the flood. I can trust him to guide me out of that valley of the shadow of death. I can trust him with my finances. I can trust him with my family. I can trust him with my health. I can trust him with myÖ. Everything!


Letís look at a very familiar passage of scripture and with it, determine in your heart that you are even right now turning the tide to victory in every area of your life.


(Luke 12:6 & 7 KJV)  Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God? But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.


He goes on in this chapter to explain clearly how your life is in His hands, not only your life here in the land of the living but for all eternity. So, if you started out today with even the smallest worry or concern, you can lay it at the feet of Jesus and know that he loves you with an everlasting, never-ending, unconditional love. No problem is too small, or too great.  His eye is on the sparrow, and I know he watches you!




why should I feel discouraged
and why should the shadows come
why should my heart feel lonely
and long for heaven and home

when Jesus is my portion
a constant friend is He
His eye is on the sparrow
and I know He watches over me
His eye is on the sparrow
and I know He watches over me

I sing because I'm happy
I sing because I'm free
His eye is on the sparrow
and I know He watches me
He watches me
His eye is on the sparrow
and I know He watches
I know He watches,
I know He watches me.

I sing because I'm happy
I sing because I'm free
His eye is on the the sparrow
and I know He watches me
He watches me

His eye is on the sparrow
and I know he watches me
He watches me
He watches me
I know He watches me


Letís pray together, and for each other right now. I may not know exactly what you have need of, but God does. And I really do care about you. And if I care about you, how much more do you think God cares? So, right now as we pray, I am going to ask that we search our hearts and make sure we know where we are going after we leave this life. If you are not sure, then you can be today, simply by praying with me to except the truth of Godís love for you through His son Jesus. Donít put this off another day. Your whole life, for all eternity depends on this simple decision. Pray with me now.


ďHeavenly Father, Dear LORD forgive me. I am a sinner, in need of a savior. I know that you love me. And I need your love. You paid the price for all of my sins and I know that I do not deserve it, and there is nothing I can do to earn it, but I am asking you to please come into my heart right now and really be LORD of every area of my life. You know the things that I struggle with. You know every need that I have. You know the loved ones that are on my heart. I give you my life. With that, I believe. I believe that I am now your very own child. I am filled with your Holy Spirit. I am able to do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me. I declare that all things are even right now working together for my good, and that your name will be glorified in my life. You are my LORD. And I am a Child of the king. I am a Christian and I have eternal life in you. I pray this with all thanksgiving in Jesus mighty name; AMEN!