Be Careful What You Say!


Say What You Believe, Believe What You Say!


(Mark 11:23)  For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.


Today I want to talk about our words. I want to talk about how our words bring about the manifestation of either blessings or curses in our lives. There is a big difference between speaking faith and being realistic. Faith is calling that which isn’t as if it is. Being realistic is interpreting reality the way you perceive it. Did you notice that I did not say that being realistic was not telling it like it is! Too often it really is not exactly the way we really think it is. So then, being realistic ends up being just as much a matter of faith as speaking faith.


I don’t think I have to convince anyone of the importance of positive thinking. And we all know that positive talking follows positive thinking, which in turn will bring about positive actions. The trouble arises when we are just in too much pain, and too tired to say that we aren’t. And so we fall back into the rut of admitting our dreadful state and the more we admit how dreadful things are the worse they get.


I believe that the key to having the mind of Christ and living by faith is not to just do it one day a week or for five minutes a day. It has to become a way of life for you. You have to wake up and think the way God thinks. And God does not wake up and think about how many troubles he has. First of all God never sleeps or slumbers, Secondly God is the God of creation not disappointment. God sees the beginning from the end and therefore can see past the trials and tribulations, and sees the victory on the other side.


When we get the eyes of Christ and start thinking with the mind of Christ then we can really continually speak the words of faith and believe.


There is one thing I want you to notice about the above passage that we opened with today. Look at the two words, believe and say. “Believe” is used once while “say” is used three times.  God did not do that by mistake. It is kind of like the way we have two ears and one mouth. We need to hear the word of God for “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Then we need to believe. And once you believe something you need to say what you believe not just follow the crowd of doubters and negative thinkers.


Our very salvation is dependent upon it. The Bible tells us that if we believe in our hearts that God raised Jesus from the dead and confess, “say” with your mouth that Jesus is LORD, you will be saved. Believe and say, believe and say, believe and say.


But like the passage above instructs us we need to believe and say and say and say…..Believe and say and say and say…..


I talked about how Abraham called himself the father of many, long before he had any children. He believed God and it was counted unto him as righteousness. But Lets look at a couple of other Biblical characters who spoke in faith when the “reality” around them showed different.


Did you know that Noah was building on that boat in the desert for like 75 years. That is a long tome to be saying that it is going to rain, when there never had even been any rain.


The heavens opened up around 1656 years after the first day of creation. At this point I would like to say something about carbon dating. Carbon dating is the method by which scientist determine how many millions and millions of years old our planet is…..


I am no scientist But I believe that if God created a stone today and tomorrow it was tested by carbon dating the scientist would say that the stone was millions and millions of years old, even though it was just created yesterday. 


A lot of people have a hard time wrapping themselves around Christianity because it takes faith. But I believe that it takes more faith to believe that cells randomly formed and came together and instead of following the second law of thermal dynamics and degenerating they regenerated and evolved from a single cell into the most complex organisms that make up the human body and every other creature upon the earth. It takes less faith to believe in creation then it does to believe in evolution, yet evolution is taught as common sense fact, where creation is considered a matter of faith….. Talk about a double standard.


But isn’t that exactly what I am trying to get us to really do. I am telling you that God wants you call something that obviously is not, as if it really is, and not to doubt it even a little bit.


Did you ever know someone who told so many lies that they started to believe them themselves. And not only did they start believing them but they started living as if the lies they were telling were the truth, and the next thing you know they are living their lie in reality.


Let’s look at someone else who talked about things not they way they really were but ended up seeing them come to be they way he said they were.


We all know the story of David and goliath. Why was it that David was not afraid of this giant of a man, when the rest of the Army was?


Because he did not sit around and listen to everyone complain about how big goliath was and how small they were, He listened to God about how big God was and how no weapon formed against him would prosper.


(1Samuel 17:26)  And David spake to the men that stood by him, saying, What shall be done to the man that killeth this Philistine, and taketh away the reproach from Israel? for who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?


Goliath was a huge man of war and David called him nothing. But more then just calling him nothing he believed he was nothing.


So I am not instructing you to say things you do not believe, I am telling you to believe God, and then say what you believe., If you believe that God is healing your body then don’t sit and complain about the pain. Praise God that it is not any worse. Praise God through pain… the alternative could be worse.


I am not telling you to say you are financially wealthy when you are having a hard time struggling to pay your bills. I am telling you to not complain about why you don’t have and give God praise for what you do have. God has always provided your every need. He has seen you through tougher times then these, he will see you through this too.


God wants you to know that it is not tomorrow that matters. Even though it may be tomorrow that you get your break through, what matters is right now. God is the God of now. What matters is that you can rejoice in the presence of the LORD every second, of every day, no matter what the circumstance.


So, when you are hurting or weak, or feeling depressed and down. Don’t look at the situation that you are in but look at to promise of God. The moment you accepted the truth of God’s love for you. And allowed him to cleans you from all of your sins by the shed blood of Jesus Christ you became a child of God, joint heir, all that is God’s belongs to you.


It all depends upon your focus. If you focus on God and what He says then no matter how negative the world around you might seem, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. The power of God is available to you right now. There is no limit to what you can receive from God.


When your mind, your flesh and the devil is screaming out “No way it can’t happen,” let your spirit rise up and talk back, and speak the word of God which says “ not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says the LORD!!! So rather then saying “how can God get me out of this mess?” say “All things are possible for God”


Rather then complaining about how much you hurt, and thinking about how much worse it might get; pick up the word of God and read about His power and the authority He has over all things. And do not just read silently to yourself. Remember faith comes by hearing; Read it out loud. Read about how by His stripes you are healed. Read about how he is the God that heals. Read about how no weapon formed against you will prosper. Read about how God has plans for your life that you would have a great name and a hopeful future. Then don’t talk about the pain, talk about the coming victory. Don’t talk about your need, talk about the God that provides. Don’t talk about your depression, put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.


God is the same today as he was yesterday and He will be the same tomorrow.  He is the same God today as He was for Abraham. Look at Abraham; 100 years old, and God tells him he is going to have a son. He knew that his body was too old for that. He knew that his wife was too old for that…. But more then what he knew about the flesh, he knew about the Spirit of God.



(Romans 4:19)  And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sara's womb:


So yes; right now, in the flesh everything might not appear to be that full and abundant life that you hoped for. But from here it can go one of two ways. It can go God’s way, or it can go the enemy’s way. The direction of your life will be determined by your heart. 


We have been created in the likeness of God. God is three fold; we are three fold. We are made up of Body, our flesh, spirit, our mind and soul, our heart. The Bible tells us that God is Spirit. If we want to be more like Jesus we have to think and speak more like Jesus.  We need to have the mind of Christ. When you accepted Jesus as your savior you were given a new Spirit. Now there is a battle between your flesh and your Spirit for your soul. The Word of God tells us that out of the abundance of our heart our mouth speaks. So if you want to change your life for the better and if you realize that you are going to have to start changing the way you talk, then you first better realize that you need to have a change of heart. And only God can change a heart. If the battle for your heart is between your flesh and your spirit then in order for your spirit to win the battle you had better start putting more faith in things of the spirit then things of the flesh.


Some one was telling me how a friend of theirs was having a hard time embracing the Christian faith because it was hard to believe that God would come to earth and die for our sins and then be raised from the dead and send us His Holy Spirit, and is coming again, real soon I might add….


You know something? That is why they call it faith!


We need to have faith in God! Most of you believe in God. Jesus said; if you believe in God then believe in Him.  And my friend; if you believe in Him then you can believe in what He said, and what He did, and what He can do for you right now.


By faith you can be made whole. By faith you can be healed. By faith God will provide your every need. By faith God can make that which seems impossible possible. What is it that you need to trust him for today? What is it that you need today? Trust in God for your every need and rejoice in the knowledge that He is exceedingly able.


No matter what this negative world might throw your way, you can be victorious. It is time to take hold of the abundant life and live life to it’s fullest, in the knowledge of the truth. Jesus came to give you life and to give it to you in abundance.


So be careful what you say, for what you say comes from your heart. Let the love of Christ which is in you, work though you, and watch the world around you change as you walk by faith and not by sight.





I do not want to end today without praying with you, and for you. I know that someone reading this today is not sure of their salvation. If you do not know, that you know, that you know that you are saved, and have an eternal home in heaven and that all, I mean ALL of your sins are forgiven, then pray this prayer with me. Then check out the Word of God for your self and see if it does not say, Whosoever calls upon the name of the LORD will be saved! You my friend are indeed a whosoever. Let's call upon His name right now together!


Dear Jesus! Forgive me. I am a sinner. Please come into my heart and make me a new creation. I believe that you died for my sins and rose again to give me eternal life. I accept you as my LORD and my savior. Right now I commit myself to developing a close relationship with you, and give you my heart, my soul and my life. I am yours. Fill me now with the knowledge of who you are in me. You are the God of all creation. All authority has been given onto you. Nothing is impossible for you. Through you I am more then a conqueror. With you I am victorious. Help me to never forget who I am in you. And in that I will give you all the glory. For you are worthy. You LORD Jesus are LORD of all!!! I am a child of the king. Thank you Father and Amen!!!