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These are messages that have been written over the past few years. If you have any messages that you would like to add to these or any comments on them please feel free to send them to me at REVBOO@AOL.com


Biblical Economics 1            Foundations

Slay The  Giant                    G.P.S.

 Biblical Fatherhood              Encouraged in Discouraging Times

The Freedom of Truth           Light at the End of the Tunnel

Unity                                    New Creations

Theophany                            Seven Feasts

Enchanted                             G-d is Holy

 Accessing Joy                        Joy Unspeakable           

The Power of the Tongue        Reflections

What is Christmas to You?        A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Seven Ways To Praise Him        Seven Biblical Laws of Success

Keep On Keeping On                  Lift Up Now Thine Eyes

 GOOD GRIEF                             Cloud of Witnesses

A New Creation                         Happiness

WIN                                           Better Days Ahead

Developing                                 Through it All

GROW                                         Faith and Reason

 Building a Firm Foundation        The Logic of a paradox

 This is a house of Prayer             Faith Part III

 Faith (Part II)                               Faith (Part I)

Turning Points                               S.E.R.V.E.

Through It All                               Respect not Respecter

Does God Care Who Wins The Super Bowl

Set Free To Serve                         Overcoming Temptation

A New Thing                                 Looking back to go forward 

THE GIFT                                       What Christmas Means to Me

 The Road To Bethlehem Part III      The Road To Bethlehem Part II

The Road To Bethlehem Part 1        Where is God When it Hurts               

Where is God Part 2                         Where is God Part Three

God Actualization                               A Fresh Vision

The Proverbial Baptism                     A Happy Marriage

  Be Careful What You Say                     Black and White

 Super Natural Living                           You are the head not the tail

  COUNT IT ALL JOY                              Your Declaration of Faith

   H.A.L.T.                                            Signs and Wonders

 Why God Chose You                              The Sovereignty of God

Freedom Aint Free                                  When You feel Like Giving Up

What Difference Does it make                   AUTHENTIC CHRISTIANITY

 Reconciled to Reconcile                            Apologetics is Not an Apology

 Who are You                                             The Secret To Contentment

 The Holy Spirit And You                              Will power

Going Forward in a Backward World             The Essence of Salvation

Foolishness                                                Hope Experienced     

The Day of Dispensation                             Show me your friends                                 

 Taking Aim                                               Cast Your Bread     

Renaissance Obedience                            Marginal Christianity  

A celebration of Life Eternal                      Multi-purpose life      

Finding Your Swing                                    Stewards of our Faith     

Stop Complaining                                       Building up    

 The Goal                                                 LORD of All      

Let the River Flow                                    Blessings and Curses 

It Is In The Doing                                      Justice and Mercy     

The Elect                                                Disappointment        

 The Manger or the Miracle                        The Christmas Difference     

Liberated By Grace                                  Possibilities      

 Going Forward                                          In Season And Out       

A Return to Grace                                     Stressed Out                                          

Actual Self-Actualization                           Real Self Esteem                                    

 Death and Life                                         As a Man Thinketh                                     

 Psychic or Psycho                                    The Jew, The Bride & The Cross         

Never Resting Always at Rest                        From Chaos To Order        

 The Price of Freewill                                   Born Again Leader           

Tri-Unity                                                     Betrayal        

Mother's Day Encouragement                          He is our Passover    

Back to Basics                                              Hosanna           

The Light of Life                                          Kingdom Fullness    

Kingdom Attitudes                                        The Meaning of Life  

Go M.A.D.                                                   Take Authority      

The Cause of Christ                                       Free         

The Gathering                                               The Lord's Prayer            

Get Thee Up                                                  The Power of His Touch       

Hope for the Future                                        The Yoke of Anointing        

Rash Hashanah                                               Rebuilding Lives                                                  

 We Shall Overcome                                      We Shall Overcome II                                   

 Welcome To The Dance                               Character Development      

Going From Bitter                                          Friends   

Grace That Works                                          From Glory to Glory          

Healing                                                         Live Long And Prosper      

Grace That Works                                          Delusions of Adequacy        

A Celebration Of Life                                     Jesus On The Inside

A SPIRITUAL WORK OUT                                   Live Long And Prosper

The Big Rocks                                                 Mansion Over The Hilltop

 My Search for truth                                        Peace on Earth                                               

 The Best of Times...                                       Planning to Win

Encouragement                                              Re-Building Lives     

 Oil of Joy                                                      Passion to Know Him

 The Perfect Gift                                            From Glory to Glory   

Pressing On                                                    Give Peace A Chance    

 Pursuit of Truth                                             GO AND SIN NO MORE     

Putting On Putting Off                                      GOD IS ABLE      

 Redeeming The Time                                       Renew the spirit

Resolutions                                                       The Rule of Law  

Shout To The Lord                                             St. Patrick's Day

That My Joy Remain                                            The Blessing

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